Best Motocross Boots

Any serious motorcycle rider knows that your choice of footwear will play a significant role in your overall riding experience, and different styles of bikes and riding will require a specific type of footwear or boot to make sure you have the safest and most comfortable experience possible.The earliest forms of protective footwear used by motorcycle riders were thick high-top leather boots that were a direct carryover from the days of riding horses. These boots were heavy and bulky, but provide …
May 23rd 2023

What Gear Do You Need to Ride a Motorcycle In the Rain?

Motorcycles were one of the first affordable forms of motorized transportation available to the general public, and since their invention over one hundred years ago, they have become a mainstay on highways and roads all over the world. The first motorcycles were fairly simple machines compared to the bikes of today, and were basically bicycles with small gasoline engines. The early roads that a rider would have traveled were mostly dirt paths designed for horse and wagon travel, so it became pre …
May 2nd 2023

What is a Hybrid Bike?

Bicycles have been one of the most popular forms of transportation all over the world for almost 150 years. The first commercially available bikes were simple, single-speed machines that didn’t offer much in the way of comfort, leading to many to be nicknamed “boneshakers,” but as technology evolved, so did bikes.Nowadays, bikes are not only used for transportation, but also as recreational and fitness bikes, which has led to many different styles and designs that are currently on the market. Wh …
Mar 31st 2023

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

In today's world, using a specially designed helmet for protection seems commonplace, but that has not always been the case. When motorcycles first became commercially available over one hundred years ago, safety wasn't such a big issue, but as roads began to improve and motorcycle speeds began to increase, riders began to push for better safety equipment.Helmet designs went from what was basically a leather pilot's cap or football helmet, to specialized state-of-the-art designs made from space- …
Mar 20th 2023