The Place Where People Grow


Why Come?


Because this is the place where people grow.


The Elevation Chapel believes in Jesus' example of the serve-save model, where we look to serve people before we attempt to save them. We seek to serve people by meeting their needs so they grow, through the life-application teaching of the Word of God.


We believe that the church should be the place where people grow not just spiritually, but mentally, professionally, financially, socially and psychologically.


We translate this into weekly teaching that covers topics that meet the needs of people. Topics that are covered weekly include: faith, finances, leadership, family, decision-making, entrepreneurship, relationships, stress management and more.


Just as Jesus healed people's earthly problems before their eternal ones, we seek to speak to people's life challenges. When people were hungry, Jesus feed them. When people were sick, He healed them. That is what made people see Christ as one who loved them first.



3408 Walnut Ave

Owings Mills, MD 21117

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The Reverend GJ Barnes, Pastor of the

Elevation Chapel AME Church



As a visionary, leader, innovator, intellectual, and servant, Pastor GJ Barnes is called to service. Pastor Barnes founded and currently pastors The Elevation Chapel AME Church in Baltimore. He is called to build a church that is equipped to elevate people to God’s calling for their life.


Pastor Barnes is blessed to have served in numerous capacities relating to ministry, community service, wellness and corporate administration. He also served at the President and Chief Executive Officer of the World Institute of Safety. In addition, he has authored the nationally selling book “The Growth Principle: How Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things” and has published many national reports and articles.


Pastor Barnes has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, a post-graduate assistantship at Johns Hopkins University, a master’s degree in theology from The Washington Theological Union Seminary, another master’s degree in Social & Public Policy from Georgetown University and currently a doctoral candidate in Leadership at Vanderbilt University.


Pastor Barnes is most proud to be a husband and father. He is married to the queenly Lady Junetta Barnes, and has three lovely children, Taja, Todd and Caleb. The Bottom Line: Pastor GJ Barnes Loves God and is humbled and honored to serve God’s children.





The Elevation Chapel AME Church, INC.


Worship Address: 3408 Walnut Ave

Owings Mills, MD 21117


Mailing Address: 2931 E. Madison St

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